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VTES June 16 Rocket League Winners!

POSTED BY VTESAdmin June 17, 2018

Virtual Titans eSports hosted their second Rocket League tournament this weekend with many teams competing for that top prize of $30 and we all know that only one team could walk away with the championship trophy and announced as the VTES Champions for this tournament. We want to give a big congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the team “Modern Day” for making their way through the brackets and becoming the champions of our weekend tournament and sealing the deal for the first place prize of $30! Who are they and how did they get there is what you make ask?

The team “Modern Day” consists of the three players listed below who signed up for the tournament during it’s registration period and proceeded to win against every team that came up against them. Just comes to show that great team work and good communication will lead you to the finals and place you in the winners circle again, and again. Congratulations!

Modern Day team members;

Cyro | Twitter : @Cyro_RL

The Car | Twitter : @TheCarRL

ColemanArehart | Twitter : @ColemanArehart


We hope to see everyone who participated in our tournament this weekend back in our future tournaments to fight for the championship titles and have that chance to earn their place in the winners circle! For now, stay up to date with our discord and website posts so you know when your time comes to dominate the VTES Tournaments!




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